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Legal and formal Assisatnce

We will help you find the right path in the maze of formal and legal requirements in the process of buying, selling or renting a property. We offer counselling and assistance in gathering and completing the necessary documents as well as in the creation of the final contract. We can help you secure the funding to finalize the purchase as quickly as possible.

Home inspection

When you buy a property, you buy it for years. That is why you should consider the overall condition of a structure. It is crucial not only for a realistic property valuation but also for the long-lasting comfort of the prospective owners.Our clients have a chance to consult a certified home inspector, who will assess all the important aspects of the buildings condition.

Property valuation

Reliable property valuation is an essential building block of a successful selling strategy. Due to our extensive knowledge of the current market trends in the region, we will be able to reliably assess the value of the property. If you wish to consult a certified specialist in the field, we will be happy to connect you with a trusted professional.

Financial consulting

When buying real estate are crucial security and speed of transactions. Therefore, in cooperation with Ardea Consulting we created a department Mortgage, through which you can use the offer of more than 20 banks and streamline the funding process. Considering our offers customers a Chance To choose the safest and most beneficial solution for you. We help fill in and completing the necessary documentation.

Based on our experience we also support the difficult cases of sales of real estate debt.

Ardea Consulting is not affiliated with capital any financial institution. Our advice is completely objective.

Energy survey

Estimated future utility bills can have a great impact on a decision to buy a property. Energy bills are particularly important. Our clients can take advantage of an energy survey, that will help them assess the efficacy of the installation, provide suggestions for optimization and forecast potential savings.